WORKSHOP @ BVRIT (13th – 14th July, 2017 )

WORKSHOP @ BVRIT (13th – 14th July, 2017 )

I have been invited by B V Raju Institute of Technology, Hyderabad to conduct a 2 days workshop on Big Data and Analytics. It was very pleasant experience talking to energetic and enthusiastic students. The two days sessions was very much interactive including hands-on sessions – we had lots of questions/doubts/discussion everything. I hope it must have helped students to learn new buzzy technologies in the market.

Also I had an opportunity to talk to Dr Y Rama Krishna Reddy (Principal) ,Dr. Dasaradh RK  (HOD), Dr. K.Bhima, Mr. Satish ( Director Industry Relation), Mr. Ravi Kiran (Placement Coordinator) and exchanged the thoughts on the gap between industry and our current education system. Thanks to all the respected faculty for considering me for the opportunity. A special thanks to Dr. K.Bhima  for fantastic arrangements.

Click Here to see the list of the topics.



Placement Trends

Placement Trends

Placement trends clearly depict the recession period in around 2002 to 2003 and also in around  2008-2009 time frame. However, it can be seen clearly that 2016 was the high time for the placements through the colleges. It is very interesting to do the analysis how colleges are doing every year in terms of placements across various states.


Placement Analytics

Placement Analytics

WOIR Software invites you to find out the best among the possible options available based on your score in entrance examination. It provides you various view of the placement records. Example you can find out the which company hires the most, which college has consistent placement records, which year the hiring has been the most and much more. Moreover this is all interactive – you can click on any of the items and you get the related records.

Remember – this is the alumni which makes the college / university good or bed, it is the alumni which can bring the changes in the college, it is the alumni which helps college getting more and more companies.

Alumni are requested to help your college get visible to others – please forward this link to your college so that they can upload the statistics of their college to help others.


Invitation to HR MEET- 31/03/2017-JNTUHCE Sultanpur

Invitation to HR MEET- 31/03/2017-JNTUHCE Sultanpur

It was a very proud moment when I represented my own company in JNTU – Hyderabad ( Sultanpur ) campus.

It was a meet when around 25 persons representing companies in various areas joined the conference – we had nice interaction time with students as well.

Everything was organised very systematically and nicely.

Thanks to Professor Dr. T.Venu Gopal ( Associate Professor & Head-CSE ) and to principal K. Eashwar for inviting me.

Invitation by Dravidian University as Key Note Speaker

Invitation by Dravidian University as Key Note Speaker

I have been invited by Computer Science Department, Dravidian University, Kuppam as a Key-Note speaker and Chief Guest on the Inauguration of National Conference on Bigdata technologies and applications  on 15th March & 16th March, 2017 .

In the event many papers were submitted ( including internal  and from other states in India ). I had an opportunity to talk to respected Vice-Chancellor Prof. E. Sathyanarayana. He has very clear vision and objective to get prepare students doing researches in new technologies and get prepared them for the industry. Also I had an opportunity to talk to Dr. Prof CL Reddy ( my IIT alumni 🙂 ) a real genius person.

Thanks to all the respected faculty for considering me for the opportunity. A special thanks to Dr. V. Kiran Kumar  and Prof. Mrs. B.N. Kalavathi for fantastic arrangements.

In the last but not least my message was incorporated in the souvenir published by Department of Computer Science on the occasion of the event – thanks to the respective faculties for that.



Cloud Computing Session in JNTU – Ananthapur

Cloud Computing Session in JNTU – Ananthapur


We had a Cloud Computing Workshop for Startups Enthusiast in JNTU Anantapur on 18th Feb, 2017. It was heterogeneous audience including experience professionals who wanted to start their own business, research scholars and engineering students. It was a very nice interactive sessions, I could see very high level of energy and zeal in the audience to have their own setup and mindset to do something big.

It was nice experience talking to Mr. Rama Krishna ( Research Scholar ) and Dr. P. Chennareddy (Director, Academic Audit Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur) – thanks a lot for all the support and cooperation.

Following topics were covered during the workshop –

  • Cloud Computing & It’s Essential Characteristics
  • Walkthrough of  commercial clouds(AWS)
  • Fitment of Cloud with Startups – use-case described.











Successfull completion of 3 days workshop @ PVPSIT, Vijayawada

Successfull completion of 3 days workshop @ PVPSIT, Vijayawada

Many thanks to PVPSIT (Prasad V. Potluri Siddhartha Institute of Technology) for offering me the opportunities to execute 3 days workshop in their premise.

It is among the very few colleges which I have seen that proactively encourage students to go for skill enhancements.

It was very exciting experience and also pleased to see so good coordination among the faculties and students. ACM students were my all time favourites – thanks to the entire team for making the workshop successful. I want to call out their names to recognise the efforts by them – Akhil, Navya, Madhuri, Prudhvi,  Ram Prasad, Sudhir,  Sai Krishna and Ganesha.

First workshop where my problem on Big Data got answered in less than 15 minutes by the active students.

Special thanks to Venkat Sir (Mr. N V Ramana Gupta, Asst. Prof., Computer Science & Faculty Co-ordinator, ACM Student chapter) , HoD sir (Dr. M V Rama Krishna, Head of Dept., Computer Science &  Sponsor, ACM Student chapter) and respected principal sir (Dr. K Sivaji Babu, Principal, PVP Siddhartha Institute of Technology) and all the faculty members for making me comfortable during all the three days – I never felt I was meeting them for the first time.

In Venkat sir’s own wording –

“Apart from ACM team had there not been following students and faculties it would have become difficult to have successful workshop – “Venkat ,Vyas, Sunny, Harsha, Harsha Vardhan , Vyshanavi, Sai Sree Harsha, Chandra Teja” – all of them volunteered the event. Avinash was at best in designing the Banners, Certificate, and the special Book for the event. Along with me ACM faculty coordinator Sreelakshmi madam and prof A. Sudhir Babu Sir helped us a lot in making it a successful event.”

The workshops had following topics –
1. Hadoop
2. Big Data Analytics
3. Elasticsearch
4. Kibana
5. Logstash
6. MongoDB
7. ActiveMQ
8. RabbitMQ
9. Misc. Topics – linux/rest calls etc.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-09 at 10.05.49

























Launch of Kibanto – A platform for Exhibitors and Organisers

Launch of Kibanto – A platform for Exhibitors and Organisers


Dear Exhibitors and Organisers



WOIR Software is pleased to launch your own self-managed portal

 Kibanto (

 It has many exciting features for organisers and exhibitors both.


  • Organisers can create their own portfolios, can create booking for upcoming events
  • Organisers can search organisers for their upcoming events
  • Exhibitors can showcase their items on our site which is searchable by all the famous websites
  • Exhibitors can also reach to organisers for any upcoming events or book the event online
  • Provision for a feedback for the past events Not only this, as an exhibitor you will get life time free access to our website.


  • You must use LAPTOP or COMPUTER to create your profile.
  • Account creation is by invitation only.


Team WOIR Software


Sankranti Holidays – Arduino Board based Robotic Course (4 to 5 days)

Sankranti Holidays – Arduino Board based Robotic Course (4 to 5 days)

Program Covers
  • Programming own robots
  • Assembling units
  • Digital Gates
  • Transistors, Diodes, Sensors and application
  • Reading the values of different components
  • Programming robots
  • Think innovatively and come back with the logic
Take Aways
  • Remote Controlled Robot
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Similar to this screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-10-30-37-pm
  • H.No. 1-98/5/8, 105 , Gayathri Heights , Jubilee Enclave Hitex City , Hyderabad 500081 India
Course Fee
  • Contact us @ 9555295300 /



Arduino is an open-source project that created microcontroller-based kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control physical devices.

The project is based on microcontroller board designs, produced by several vendors, using various microcontrollers. These systems provide sets of digital and analog input/output (I/O) pins that can interface to various expansion boards (termed shields) and other circuits. The boards feature serial communication interfaces, including Universal Serial Bus (USB) on some models, for loading programs from personal computers. For programming the microcontrollers, the Arduino project provides an integrated development environment (IDE) based on a programming language named Processing, which also supports the languages C and C++.The first Arduino was introduced in 2005, based on 8-bit Atmel AVR, aiming to provide a low cost, easy way for novices and professionals to create devices that interact with their environment using sensors and actuators. Common examples of such devices intended for beginner hobbyists include simple robots, thermostats, and motion detectors.Arduino boards are available commercially in preassembled form, or as do-it-yourself kits. The hardware design specifications are openly available, allowing the Arduino boards to be produced by anyone. In mid-2011, it was estimated that over 300,000 official Arduinos had been commercially produced, and in 2013 that 700,000 official boards were in users’ hands.