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Robotics And Raspberry Pi Course

We offer following types of courses (applicable to all the programs) 

Regular Courses
  • This is the full length courses
  • Goes for around 2 to 3 weeks

The exposure level to respective items, usually this is intense program which talks about at surface level for most of the items.

Medium of trainings
  • Projectors/Monitors
  • Hands on basic moves
  • Hand holding as and whenever required


Grades Course Contents Duration Examples Takeaways
Up to IV

Level ROB1

  • Safety First
  • What is a robot
  • Concepts around Programming
  • Explanation of the different components
  • Basic Science behind it
  • Touch and feel of all the components in their hands
  • How the program is loaded into the Robot
  • Demo of IDE
  • Moves of the robots
  • How to control pins of the controller
  • Where, when and why we can use robots
  • Demo of the working robot
10 days

  • Demo of the obstacle avoider robot
  • LED Blinking
  • The kit to play and do experiment at home
  • Basic of robotics
  • Safety measures when dealing with electronic components
  • Basic Science around Robots, Physics, Electronics
  • Controlling robots
  • Treasure to think innovatively
V to VII


  • Detail concepts around programming logic
  • GPIO Pin
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Controllers, Sensors
  • Controllers
  • IDE installation
  • Multiple programs
12 days
  • Chasing, Running LEDs
  • Dancing Robot
  • Lazy Robot
  • Framing programming logic
  • Understanding of basic electronic components
  • Software Installation
  • Basic Programs


  • Programming own robots
  • Assembling units
  • Digital Gates
  • Transistors, Diodes, Sensors and application
  • Reading the values of different components
15 days
  • Remote Controlled Robot
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Programming robots
  • Think innovatively and come back with the logic
X to XII


  • Concepts around IOT
  • Raspberry pi
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Operating System
  • Basic command line interface
  • Exposure to python Programming
  • Hello world website on WordPress
15 days 
  • Programming GPIO
  • Linux basic commands
  • Concepts of ethical hacking
  • Python
  • RPI Unit (mini computer)
  • Exposure to Latest Technology
  • Basic Knowledge of IOT
  • Own basic website
Programming Languages
Programming Language




Web Design

Up till grade VI

20 days



Grade VII till 9th

20 days

Basic Python


Grade 9th till 12th

30 days

In depth