Specially Designed Python and Big Data Course for Faculties

Specially Designed Python and Big Data Course for Faculties

WOIR Software is committed to fill the gaps between industry and our current education system and to make this efforts successful WOIR Software announces Big Data (Hadoop/NoSQL) and Python workshops for Faculties at engineering colleges. We can further customise the course as per your need – please contact us should you have any need.


Python (2.X)/Big Data – Training modules


  1. Understanding of data-structures
  2. Familiarity with Unix command line
  3. Familiarity with SQL semantics
  4. Familiarity with Big Data Concepts, NoSQL, Message Brokers
  5. Lab/Laptops with either Windows/Unix and python installed

Day – 1

Theory –

    Introduction to Python

  •         Python – Fundamentals
  •         IDE and command line handling
  •         Conditionals and Loops
  •         Lists and Tuples
  •         Functions, Modules and Packages
  •         Pip/easy_install

    Python, Object Orientation, Object use

  •         Object Oriented Python
  •         Python – using functions, objects and modules
  •         Dictionaries
  •         String Handling
  •         Exceptions
  •         File Handling
  •         Date
  •         Debugging python code
  •         Logging
  •         Object Orientation: Design Techniques
  •         Applying OO design techniques and best practise
  •         Code testing, patterns, profiles and optimisation

Hands-on session –

  • Solving few problems using python

Day – 2


  • Hadoop / MapReduce

    • Introduction to Big Data
    • Hadoop Eco System
    • MapReduce Algorithm
  • NoSQL ( Cassandra / MongoDB / Elasticsearch etc.)

    • NoSQL Basics
    • NoSQL vs SQL
    • Various types of NoSQL
    • Use Cases and Fitment of NoSQL into Big Data
  • Message Brokers

    • Message Broker Basics
    • Use cases of Message Brokers
    • ActiveMQ / RabbitMQ / Kafka

Hands-on session

  • Hands on with some of the NoSQL and Message Brokers

Day – 3


     Python uses and applications

  •         In built modules
  •         Python and SQL databases

    Advance Python

  •         Advanced function capabilities and recent additions
  •         Lambda
  •         Generator
  •         Recursion
  •         Built-in modules
  •         Python on the Web
  •         Python 3 – What is new, what’s changed and why

    Advance application of Python

  •         ETL in various Big Data Applications
  •         Message Brokers
  •         NoSQL Databases (MongoDB and Elasticsearch)

Hands-on session

  • Solving few problems using advance python features