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Raspberry Pi 3 – Day 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Pin Diagram   Install Python Module RPi.GPIO sudo apt–get install python–dev python–rpi.gpio   Breadboard Layout Circuit Diagram   Blinking LED Code – 1 LED import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time # blinking function def blink(pin): GPIO.output(pin,GPIO.HIGH) time.sleep(1) GPIO.output(pin,GPIO.LOW) time.sleep(1) return # to use Raspberry Pi board pin numbers GPIO.setmode(GPIO.BOARD) # set up GPIO output channel GPIO.setup(11, GPIO.OUT) # blink GPIO17 50 times for i in range(0,50): blink(11) GPIO.cleanup()    

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Python Course By WOIR Software

Python (2.X) – Training modules Prerequisites Understanding of data-structures Familiarity with Unix command line Familiarity with SQL semantics Familiarity with Big Data Concepts, NoSQL, Message Brokers Lab/Laptops with either Windows/Unix and python installed   (For course up to 4 weeks)     Introduction to Python         Python – Fundamentals      …
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WOIR Software Wishes You Happy Holi

WOIR Software Wishes You Happy Holi !

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Convergence of Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud Computing

Big Data is really causing a buzz these days. This term is being used for data sets that are so large and/or complex that traditional data processing application software(s) struggle to deal with them. Primary challenges with these data sets include capture, storage, analysis, data curation, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy. Some of the tools to handle Big Data challenges include Hadoop MapReduce and NoSQL. A key…
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WOIR Software – a start place for START-UPs

We would like to share what we have for each and every segment to offer @ very reasonable cost to you. Specially when you are not sure which solution will work for you.   Please go through each of the following to know what we can offer to you. If you are a startup and…
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Summer Holidays – 21 days Course on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Program Covers Concepts around IOT Raspberry pi Hardware Configuration Operating System Basic command line interface Exposure to python Programming Hello world website on WordPress Learnings Programming GPIO Linux basic commands Concepts of ethical hacking Python Take Aways RPI Unit (mini computer ) – hardware cost extra Exposure to Latest Technology Basic Knowledge of…
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Day – 1 -> Assignments / Tutorial for ( CVR Engg.)

Few basics How to check if a process is running or not ps -eaf | grep ‘java’  will list down all the process which uses java How to kill a process forcefully ps -eaf | grep ‘java’ it will show the process ids of the process which uses java kill -9 ‘process id’ it will…
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Day – 3 -> Assignments / Tutorial for ( CVR Engg. College )

Start VM Start Virtual Box, chose your VM and Click on the Start Button Login as hduser Click on the right top corner and Chose Hadoop User. Enter password – abcd1234 Click on the Top Left Ubuntu Button and search for the terminal and click on it. You should see something similar as below Start…
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Real Projects

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Welcome To Robotics Classes


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