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S3 Storage

February 21, 2017 AWS 0

S3 tools available to browse S3 storage

  • S3 Backup – Windows desktop application that makes it trivial for everyone to use Amazon’s impressive infrastructure for remote backup and secure online file storage.
  • Jets3t – Toolkit for Amazon’s S3 online storage service.
  • Sync2S3 – Synchronizes your files with the Amazon (S3),providing you with a secure and affordable backup solutions.
  • SME Storage – Access files from anywhere.
  • Transmit – FTP/SFTP application for Mac.
  • S3Sync – Consist of S3syncs and S3cmds. Ruby program that allows control of Amazon S3 account with shell commands.
  • Bucket Explorer – User Interfaces for Amazon S3.
  • Backup Manager – Command-line tool for Linux.


  • First login in your AWS account.
  • Choose S3 storage from the Services.


  • After clicking on the S3 storage you will see the page as shown below.


  • Click on create bucket button you will see the popup as shown in below image.


  • In the above image you can see four steps follow all the steps.
  • In step1 Enter bucket name as amar2017f-eb and select regioon as Asia pacific(Mumbai)


  • After selecting the region click on next button.
  • You will see the list of  step 2.


  • From that list select versioning and check the suspend versioning and click on save button.


  • After saving the versioning click on next button.


  • In step 3 follow the above image to fill the details.
  • After that click on next button.


  • Click on create button
  • Now you can see the new bucket Name is amar2017f-eb


  • Double click on the new bucket amar2017f-eb you will see same as below image.


  • Create folder Name as Workshop



  • Double click on workshop folder you will see empty like below image.


  • Now click on upload button and upload any pdf file.


  • You will see four steps to upload the file, follow the all steps from below images.

s318 s319 s320 s321

  • If you want to delete the uploaded file first tic that file and click on More tab you will get dropdown as shown in the below image.


  • From that dropdown select delete one you willthe page as shown below


  • click on delete button your bucket will become empty.


  • Now the below images showing that how to copy/upload a file in existing folder  using command lines.

s325 s326 s327

  • The above command lines copied two files in the amar2017 folder as show in below.


  • Now check/tic the two files.


  • To delete that files click on More tab.


  • From that More tab select delete link you will see  the image  same as below image.
  • Now click on Delete button that will delete the checked files.


  • Now click on the lifecycle tab you will see the page asshown below.


  • click get started button.
  • This Lifecycle rule is for setting the time to delete the files from bucket.
  • For creating the life cycle rule we have to give rule name.
  • Here rule name is Workshop-ananthapur, click next
  • Follow below images to fill all the steps.

s333 s334 s335

  • The above image is showing that the file is should be detele after 7 days from start of upload.


  • Save the lifecycle rule.