Big Data Virtual Machine and Hadoop Cluster Setup

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Big Data Virtual Machine and Hadoop Cluster Setup

July 31, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Dear Colleges/Faculties,

Reach out to us at or 9555295300 and get benefit at lower cost with high quality and rich in feature setup.

At WOIR Software we work to bridge the gap between Industry and Engineering Colleges. While working with many engineering colleges and doing workshop with them I found there is a need to convert the existing labs into Hadoop Environment / Hadoop Cluster with very minimal cost WITHOUT any hardware cost.

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This can be done easily with our expertise – please reach out to us to have the Hadoop/HDFS setup done in your existing lab.

Also, use our specialized and targeted VMs ( Virtual Machines )  which can run on as low as I3/4GB box to give practice to your students on Big Data / NoSQL / Machine Learning  in your own lab at no extra hardware cost. Right now our VMs are being used at many engineering colleges in NCR/Telangana area – you can become part of our group and take the education level in your department/college to next level.

Our softwares are more or less free to use and does not have any complex licensing unlike others the famous one.