WOIR Software – a start place for START-UPs

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WOIR Software – a start place for START-UPs

February 27, 2017 Uncategorized 0

We would like to share what we have for each and every segment to offer @ very reasonable cost to you.

Specially when you are not sure which solution will work for you.


Please go through each of the following to know what we can offer to you.

If you are a startup and looking for

  1. Any portion of your work or PoC ( proof of concept )

  • Any part of your research which you want to do to know
    • how you are placed amidst your competitors
    • how long you may have to sustain yourself before you start earning
    • which technology will suite you in short-term and in long-term
    • whether to go for clouds or for in-house development, if clouds then which are the good options available for you.

  • We can do the technology evaluation for you and will provide you comprehensive report
    • expected traffic vs capability of your current technology to sustain that traffic
    • projected traffic and how good your choice of the technologies
  • Project plans
    • the best optimised projects pipeline which will return the optimal results
    • what kind of recruitment you should do
  • Help in architecting your platform
  • Setting up the version control system( git / svn etc.)

Analytical Report

  • Setting up NoSQL / Hadoop / Message Broker – a world in class loosely coupled architecture
  • Scalable architecture
  • Designing the reports
  • Analytical platform for the interactive analysis
  • Canned / scheduled reports