4x4x4 Magic Cube

Name of Innovation

Magic Cube

We designed a unique magic cube           

  • 4x4x4 Magic Cube(64 LEDs)

We are providing a home light controlling system using Bluetooth network. Smart lighting is broadly understood to cover the automation of lamp responses such as dimming or on/off control to enhance user comfort and save energy.

Our App consists of different kinds of LED patterns which give brightness to your home along with yoga for different age of people and noise generator with different volumes.

We encourage everyone to remain indoor and keep enjoying the lights! Thank you, and we look forward to serve you.

Important features of Magic Cube

  • LED Magic Cubes are energy efficient lights.
  • LED stands for “ light emitting diode“ a semiconductor diode that emits energy in the form of light when a small voltage is applied.
  • LED’s are noted for long life, ruggedness and simplicity.
  • Use LED Magic Cube for sleeping, room lighting.
  • You can remotely control your LED Magic Cube by your smartphone app provided by WOIR.
  • You can easily change different modes of patterns by using smartphone app.
  • WOIR mobile application development includes an innovative app enabled light system.
  • Bluetooth device in smartphones help to have connection between mobile application and Magic Cube.
  • Magic Cube offers simple powerful solutions for app controlled lighting.There are several patterns for cubes depending on the mood and need you can select it.

#Better way to light up your home