WOIR Software – Our Offerings as Consultant Services

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We have wide range of skill sets and competencies available with us. The overall experience in this field is approximately 20+ years.

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                               Middleware Design


We can help you writing ETLs – depending on whether you are looking for an existing tool or to write a complete set of APIs for your ETL logic, we have the expertise. Below are the few of the places where it can be used –

  • Input layer ( ETLs )
  • Transformation Layer ( Message Brokers )


Data Computation


We can help you if you need to setup Hadoop Environment, writing MR Jobs, writing PIG or Hive scripts or anything related.

  • Big Data & Hadoop, HDFS, MR
  • HIVE/PIG/HBase


Data Ingestion Layer


We can help you in designing and implementing the ingestion layer that can be required to insert data into NoSQL or any other source and destination of your choice (as per your architecture) –

  • Native APIs
  • Rest APIs


Data Storage


Most of the platform/system requires storage of the data in either SQL/NoSQl or anything else.  We have expertise to design and implementing the requirement.

  • NoSQL & SQL
  • HBase / Cassandra / Elasticsearch / MongoDB etc.


Analytics and Reporting


We can help you in many ways, few example are shown below.

  • Setting up NoSQL / Hadoop / Message Broker – best-in-class! loosely coupled architecture
  • Scalable architecture
  • Designing the reports
  • Analytical platform for interactive analysis
  • Canned/Scheduled reports
  • Static Report
    • Canned/Batch Reports
  • Dynamic Reporting
    • Drill-down, Rollup etc.
  • Scheduled Reports


Custom Reports


You tell us your requirements and we will work with you for the custom reports you need – the reports can be used for your internal purpose, defining the roadmap of your business, taking strategic decision or anything else.

  • Custom Dashboards
  • Custom Reports


Our offerings

Proof of concept


If you haven’t yet decided on the technology, and are looking for a partner who can help you come up with the results you need, then, you have landed on the correct place.

  • Design, Implementation and Infrastructure Services
  • Data Migration Services
  • Reports Generations
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Customised Recommendations
  • Continuous Development and Maintenance
  • BI ( Business Intelligence ) Tools and Services
  • End to End Solution


Deployment Services


What if you already have running system but looking for migration? It can be because of change in the technology or you want to take your environment to cloud or vice versa – we are the correct team for this.

  • Detailed analysis of the data volume etc.
  • Proposal for –
    • Required Hardware and specifications
    • Physical Topology
  • In House Deployment
  • Cloud Based Deployment
    • AWS
    • Found (Elastic)


End to End Solutions


We offer the E2E (End to End) solutions be it training services, integration, migration or whatever.

  • End-user /admin/ IT Training Services
  • Integration Services
  • Migration Services
  • Managed Services


Solution Stack


We can work for you the entire solution stack – below are the general components of an entire solution stack –

  • Big Data
    • Hadoop, Spark
    • Hbase , Cassandra, Elasticsearch etc
    • HIVE, PIG etc.
  • Middleware
    • ActiveMQ / RabbitMQ / Kafka etc
    • Pentaho ETL
    • Python, Perl, Shell Scripting, Java
  • Visualization Layer
    • Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS etc


Available Engineering Skill sets

  • Setting up the Hadoop platform
    • in-house
    • in Cloud
  • Setting up the Analytical Platform
    • in-house
    • in Cloud
  • Big Data Domain (Hadoop)
  • Design Architecture and implementation
    • Designing NoSQL schema
    • NoSQL – Elasticsearch , MongoDB, Cassandra etc.
    • Designing Reports
      • Kibana, Pentaho
    • Writing Customised ETLs
  • Programming
    • C/C++, Java
    • Scripting ( perl / python / php )
  • Web Technology
    • php, javascript, jQuery
    • HTML, css
  • Big Data Hadoop