WOCLO – WOIR Cloud Platform Big Data Analytics

Name of Innovation


WOCLO – WOIR Cloud Platform Big Data Analytics

It is a bundled cloud solution using the latest technologies with the following highlights – it is still in alpha stage.

  • Pay as you use, no upfront cost and no maintenance cost
  • Everything managed by us, you start using on day one
  • It comes with rich set of data (from public domain) to try out/implement projects
  • Additional services to be installed as per client’s request
  • Ample storage to store your files etc.
  • Get the training from us on the new technologies

List of services

  • Hadoop (Preconfigured cluster capable of running low to average load, includes MR, YARN and HDFS)
  • Hadoop Ecosystem (Hive, PIG,SQOOP)
  • NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB, Elasticsearch)
  • Message Brokers (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Kafka)
  • ETL Tools (Logstash, Custom made software and scripts)
  • Visualization tools (Kibana, Grafana, Tableau, Pentaho)
  • Machine Learning and Analytics (Python, Pandas, Numpy, OpenCV, SciPy, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn, NLTK, Scrapy) 

For more queries go through this link https://woclo.in/