Retailer Business Support System

Name of Innovation

We have created this Retailer Business Support System so that the retailers can keep track of the visitors who are visiting into his/her store on daily/weekly/montly basis.

The main features of our system are listed below

  • User’s who will buy our system can register in the website and then login to the portal.
  • The information will be stored in user’s table and the page displays showrooms dashboard with all the details.
  • Retailer can capture the images who are entering their store and can count the no. of visits of the particular customer, vendor & employee.
  • The retailer can know that whether the person is a new customer or he/she have visited in the past.
  • The retailer can mark the behaviour of the customer(very good, good, satisfied) and based on this from next visit user will get to know how to deal with that particular customer to maintain peaceful environment.
  • When the employee enters into store his/her image is captured which will update employee attendace automatically in the database. Thus the hectic task of taking the employee attendance can be overcomed
  • The user can get to know how many times they have purchased goods/ inventory from the particular vendor.